The Photographer Finder

The photographer finder is a way for you to search for a photographer anywhere in the World that uses the Salty Sailor Presets or purchased our photography educational videos, editing courses, or attended our mentorships, and retreats/workshops. Each photographer in the photographer finder chose to advertise their photography business through us, so they could be located to provide you with their photography service! With over 5,000 people visiting this website a month, we are pretty confident that you’ll find a photographer here that is a right fit to capture your memories!!

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With over 5,000 people visiting this website a month, here is the perfect way to advertise your photography business. Purchasing this, puts you in the photography finder for one year from your purchase date. We will no longer be approving “looking for a photographer posts” in the Facebook Group and will be redirecting them to this page!

***Once you have purchased your listing space, you’ll receive a  PDF with instructions on how to get us your listing information***