The Photographer Finder

The photographer finder is a way for you to search for a photographer anywhere in the World that uses the Salty Sailor Presets and/or educates themselves in our educational videos, editing courses, mentorships, and retreats/workshops. Each photographer listed in our locator is advertising their photography business through us! With over 5,000 people visiting our website a month, we are pretty confident you’ll find a photographer here that is a right fit to capture your memories!!

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With over 5,000 people visiting this website a month, here is the perfect way to advertise your photography business. Purchasing this, puts you in the photography finder for a LIFETIME!!!! Yes, you heard that right…. A LIFETIME!! We will no longer be approving “looking for a photographer posts” in the Facebook Group and will be redirecting them to the photographer finder.

**Once you have purchased your listing space, you’ll receive a  PDF with instructions on how to get us your listing information**


**If you purchased your listing and need to make changes at any point in time, like: updating your location you do business in, or need to refresh your images etc etc, don’t hesitate to contact us *HERE*.