Photographer Michelle Peedee leans on city brick wall with camera
Michelle Peedee holds a cat in a tuxedo, laser lights behind her, the image of the same cat appears faded behind her and overhead as if watching over her
Woman with short hair holds a boy upside down at the beach playfully


Michelle Peedee

Aloha, I’m Michelle Peedee, co-creator of Salty Sailor Presets. I’m currently serving my 10th year in the United States Coast Guard, which I like to think has earned me the title of a ‘Salty Sailor.’ Currently, I don’t have plans to retire from the military and hope to stay in for as long as possible. However, I am excited to share another passion of mine – photography.

My photography journey looks a little different than most. I had a GoPro and a drone that I used to take fun images and videos on adventures with friends. Creating these memories and sharing them with people I care about ignited my interest in photography. I continued to explore the world of photography, shooting surfers, and body-boarders while living in Puerto Rico. I purchased my first “real” camera around four years ago and took a deep dive into learning everything there is to know about photography. Today, I rely on the Sony A1 & my 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm to help me capture the perfect shot.

When I’m not working, I love to travel. Some of my favorite destinations (so far) have been the Caribbean, 24 US States, Singapore, Marshall Islands, Japan, and Guam. But, I’m a Plain Jane at heart. I enjoy the small things in life and would be totally content selling my belongings and exploring the world. But that’s the next adventure. Right now, I am a happy Salty Sailor.