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The Salty and Moor Preset Packs are created for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to cultivate an aesthetic and make your images look cohesive with vibrant, bold, rich colors and perfect dreamy skin tones. They will decrease the amount of time you spend editing and make your workflow more efficient.

Our presets are 3-click presets, meaning the only changes you need to make when using one of the presets is exposure, white balance, and tint. The versatile packs help achieve a particular look or style in half the time. We tested The Salty and Moor Preset Packs on over 3,000 RAW files and on all major camera brands, including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Leica, and Fujifilm. Take your photo editing to the next level with Salty Sailor Presets.

saal tee say lr

An older sailor sometimes referred to as being “crusty” which was a euphemism for an “old salt” or a veteran sailor with an overabundance of experience at sea.



Shooting outdoors can be a gorgeous yet sometimes fickle beast. The Salty Preset Pack is intended for outdoor portrait photography. We created this outdoor pack with our signature vibrant, bold, and beautiful tones for the blue and golden hours. 

SALTY – pronounced – saal tee – Definition: The original meaning is simply: containing salt, or tasting of salt, but since sailors had a reputation for colorful language “SALTY” soon came to refer to crude speech and later to explosive anger.

Dark image - In the forest, dad lifts toddler baby boy, mother holds hands with young daughter lightened & Edited image preset - In the forest, dad lifts toddler baby boy, mother holds hands with young daughter
Dark Image - man and woman embrace in ocean waters Lightened and Edited Image Preset - man and woman embrace in ocean waters
Dark image - Father and mother holding and admiring sleeping and swaddled baby Lightened & Edited image - Father and mother holding and admiring sleeping and swaddled baby
Dark Image - Woman in swim suit lays against floor with hands through hair Lightened & Edited Image - Woman in swim suit lays against floor with hands through hair


The Moor Preset Pack is a remedy for any ill-mannered indoor lighting situation. ​The Moor Preset Pack helps any interior or indoor photo feel bright, open, and inviting. This preset pack helps cut down editing time by keeping skin tones looking flawless while providing bold, rich, and vibrant color no matter where you’re shooting.

MOOR – pronounced – mor – Definition: Make fast (a boat) by attaching it by a cable or a rope to the shore or to and anchor

Salty/Moor Bundle

Best of both worlds! Get both the Salty Preset Pack AND the Moor Preset Pack!

The Photographer Finder

The photographer finder is a way for you to search for a photographer anywhere in the World that uses the Salty Sailor Presets and/or educates themselves in our photography educational videos, editing courses, mentorships, and retreats/works. Each photographer in our photographer finder chose to advertise their photography business through us! With over 4,000 people visiting our website a month, we are pretty confident that you’ll find a photographer here that is a right fit to capture your memories!!

"I can’t say enough amazing things about Salty Sailor Presets. The presets and education from Victoria and Michelle have leveled up my art and business 1000x! 10/10 recommendation for photographers of every experience level!"

- Nicole Benner
Nicole Benner Photography, Port Charlotte, Florida

"If you are serious about investing in your photography and editing skills and are trying to get the bold and vibrant look… Salty Sailor Presets are perfect. The support you get with Michelle and Victoria is overwhelming and not only have my skills improved drastically, but so has my own confidence. I can’t recommend the Salty and Moor Preset Packs and the editing videos enough."

- Katie Hodgson
Katie Hodgson Photography, Silverdale, New Zealand


A Grain Of Salt

Our Salty Sailor Courses are made for photographers. Editing photos can seriously boost their quality, but the process can be hard to master. That’s where we come in. Learn all you need to know about photo editing and discover how you can fix your images in a flash. Gain the skills and resources to transform how you do business and make each image come to life.

Please keep in mind Salty University is not an accredited program rather a course to help you evolve your photography expertise.

"I have been shooting for almost 2 decades now and I have taken so many courses, none of them compare to the level of education and service Salty Sailor Presets have. My only regret is that I did not find them earlier. If you are on the fence about purchasing these amazing presets...just do it, you are going to love the results!"

- Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson Photography, San Francisco, California

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"Discovering Salty Sailor Presets and the creators has seriously changed the game for my photography business. Being able to utilize all aspects of the mentorships, presets, and the Salty Sailor Presets for Photographers Facebook Group has helped me to create beautiful work and a more efficient workflow that my growing client base loves!"

- Sarah Marshall
Sarah K. Marshall Photography, San Diego, California